KinPro LLC, the creators of brand EESHADES, was founded in 2007 in Cleveland, Ohio. KinPro is a family owned business with knowledge derived from years of successful work experience in the fields of engineering, design, production, management, marketing, healthcare and sales. KinPro's objective is to enhance human quality of living through innovation, design and style. It is these principles that define the foundation of KinPro's business practice. Combined with these principles, KinPro aims to provide high quality products, pay close attention to the fine details of its work and produce every day, convenient products that can be enjoyed by all.

The first product brought to you by KinPro is in the market of protective sun wear and is named EESHADES, Ear and Eye Shades. The United States patented utility and design temple ear shades help to protect the tops of the ears from harmful UV rays and make EESHADES a new and unique product for sun protection. EESHADES, Ear and Eye Shades, combines the ear shades invention to the eye portion of sunglasses to provide dual protection of the Ears and Eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Until now the ears have been one of the least protected areas on the body from the sun and yet one of the most exposed. EESHADES fulfills the unmet need to help protect the ears from the harmful effects of the sun yet allowing us to enjoy it with an innovative style that can be worn for any activity. EESHADES are for ALL ages, both genders and can be used with Non RX or RX lenses.

As the creators of EESHADES, Ear and Eye Shades, we are very excited to introduce EESHADES to the market and want you to know that even though we are a smaller company we are committed to quality products and top notch customer service. We are making huge strides in growth and development each day for better progress to meet the demands, YOU, the customer deserves. This is the introductory design of EESHADES with more styles to come. Stay tuned for updates in the near future.

Made in the USA

KinPro manufactures and assembles brand EESHADES in the US along with obtaining some of its materials from outside of the US.

Customers wishing to contact KinPro , the creator of EESHADES, send emails to: info@eeshades.com or call at 216-218-0104