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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy EESHADES?

EESHADES are sold online at and in select stores throughout the United States. Contact us for stores carrying EESHADES near you.


Free Shipping policy

Free Shipping is included on all online retail purchases located within the 48 contiguous United States. Outside of these states shipping costs will apply and be added to the price of orders. Free shipping DOES NOT apply to wholesale orders. KinPro reserve the right to end or change this free shipping offer at any time.


How long should I expect until I receive my online EESHADES order?

Please allow up to 2 weeks (14 days) for delivery of orders.


Where are EESHADES manufactured?

Made in the USA.

Furthermore, KinPro purchases all of its materials, manufactures and assembles EEshades in the United States. To meet our customers needs KinPro prides itself on producing a top quality product made in the United States.


Do EEshades come with a warranty? Non Prescription Warranty.


EEshades come with a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty from the original date of purchase. The warranty is valid only with a proof of purchase from the original purchaser.

KinPro covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year for EEshades. KinPro will replace any product determined by KinPro to be a manufacturer's defect . Normal wear and tear, including accidental damage, scratched lenses, broken hinges, abuse, misuse, alterations or other user related problems, is NOT covered.


A processing fee of $12 will be charged for each warranty claim processed. Please contact customer service either via phone at 216-218-0104 or email us at for a Return Authorization number and return information for warranty claims. Please allow 3 weeks or 15 working days once we have received your shipment for the return of your repaired or replaced EEshades.


Can EEshades fit over or be worn over my prescription eyewear?


Currently, EEshades do not fit over other traditional prescription eyewear frames. As KinPro continues to grow and develop, it constantly assesses product development and the addition of new features and capabilities. Please continue to check back periodically to track enhancements made to EEshades.


Can EEshades be installed with prescription lenses?


EEshades Prescription lense orders can be achieved but may have limitations due to the wrap style sunglass frame. Specific prescription lense information must be attained from your Optical Specialist before contacting us, including your prescription strength and pupil distance. Pricing on prescription lense ordering will widely vary based on an individuals prescription.


Where can I get prescription lenses installed into my EEshades ear and eye shades?

Please contact KinPro at or call customer service at 216-218-0104 for information on EEshades recommended optical lab locations for prescription lense installation.

You may elect to use the optical lab of your choice for EEshades prescription lense processing, however, KinPro recommends the optical labs of our choice due to the professional work relationship developed over the years with our optical labs.

Furthermore, when you have purchased your EEshades frame of choice and decide to use one of our recommended professional optical labs, we will help facilitate the process of sending your lense prescription over to the optical lab. From this point you will work with the optical lab to establish prescription options, pricing, shipping and any other information you need to complete a seamless prescription order.


Do prescription EEshades come with a warranty?

KinPro will determine whether the optical lab who installs your prescription lense or KinPro processes prescription EEshades Ear and Eye shades warranty claims.

If there is a claim for issues with a prescription lense then the warranty will fall under warranty of the optical lab who installed your prescription lense. If a problem results from the frame itself or components of the frame, KinPro will process the claim. The warranty process under "Non Prescription warranty" would then apply.

A processing fee of $12 will be charged for each warranty repair if claim falls under KinPro. Please allow 3 weeks or 15 working days once we have received your shipment for the return of your repaired EEshades. Please contact customer service either via phone at 216-218-0104 or email us at for a Return Authorization number and return information for warranty claims.


KinPro will NOT take back RX lenses that have been installed into EEshades within the 30 day 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee offer period or after 30 days of the date of purchase. KinPro assumes a customer has purchased, received and was satisfied with their EEshades to move on to having prescription lenses installed. The one year limited manufacturer's warranty on the frame only will be honored from the original date of purchase. Any issues or warranty claims as it pertains to a prescription lense or installation should be resolved with the optical lab or company who installed the prescription lense.


How to contact KinPro, the owners of EESHADES, Ear and Eye Shades?

Email at or call at 216-218-0104 for any reason.


Details of our 100% satisfaction or money back ONLINE guarantee?

KinPro understands the challenge of purchasing eyewear or sunglasses online, including EEshades Ear and Eye shades, compared to a store setting where you can physically examine, touch and feel the eyewear of your choice.

KinPro is extremely supportive in providing you 30 days from the date of purchase to open, assess and be 100% satisfied with the purchase of your EEshades or your money back! Yes, we will refund 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied with your EEshades purchase.


This money back guarantee applies to ONLINE ORDERS ONLY


The EEshades online ordering process is as follows:

Select the EEshades options of your choice online. Add to cart, checkout and pay for your EEshades selection. KinPro sends you your purchased pairs of EEshades FREE OF SHIPPING COSTS.

You receive, open, examine, and try on your EEshades and experience the true quality and precision design first hand. Start enjoying your EEshades purchase or send back within 30 days from the date of purchase for a return, refund and/or exchange. Please contact customer service either via phone at 216-218-0104 or email us at for a Return Authorization number and return information.


After we provide you with return information, send your EEshades back, free of shipping costs, if within the 30 days of purchase. Product must be returned and inspected for a full refund. Damaged or tampered with EEshades will be assessed and dealt with on a case by case basis to determine refund.


Note: Customers would follow the retailers return policy for EEshades purchased at retail locations.


What company does KinPro LLC, the creators of EEshades, use to send or return items?

United States Postal Service.


Are there different styles or sizes of EEshades currently available?


EEshades Ear and Eye shades are currently available in one style. While researching and designing, KinPro created a suitable frame and temple arm size to fit the majority of individuals.

As with any sunglass style or size, EEshades will not fit every face and head. KinPro, however, is constantly working towards providing additional styles and sizes in the near future.


What are the dimensions of EEshades?

5 5/8" Length (14.2874 cm), 1 1/8" Height (2.8575 cm), 3 3/8" (8.5725 cm) Depth.


Please describe the fit of EEshades?

EEshades best fits head sizes in the range of medium to large on a small, medium, large, extra large scale, generally speaking.


Can I combine different frame design /lense combo's that are not shown on the website?


Email or call and we'll work with you to custom design EEshades to your liking. Price will vary based on your request. Examples of custom ordering inlcudes various lense color mirror coatings, non-polarization and other protective lense coating enhancements.


What safety standards does EEshades meet?

EEshades lenses meet ANSI Z80.3 :2008 and EN 1836:2005 (A1:2007) and AS/NZS 1067:2003 (A1:2009) standards.


Can I order and purchase an additional lense color, replace or change my lenses in my EEshades frame?

Very important to mention that, YES, you are able to purchase and order new lenses or replace old lenses followng KinPro's guidelines.

1. You must be willing to part with your EEshades, for a few weeks, to allow for KinPro to professionally replace or install your new order to make sure of proper fit and not to damage your EEShades.

2. We repeat, specifically for our desinged frames and due to the unique hydrographic/water transfer design process which can scratch, crack and peel when not handled properly, that this process of adding or changing new lenses must be completed in house by KinPro. If this process is not completed by KinPro, the warranty on EEshades will be voided!

Another reason why KinPro requires cutomers to send there frames back in house, is to ensure the best trace, cut and fit of lense replacement into your frames. Time, weather, climate, specific fit on an individual and potential changes to the strap the lense sits in can affect the appropriate handling and replacement of lenses.

3. Contact KinPro by emailing us at or calling at 216-218-0104 to initiate this process.


What is the cost to order, purchase, replace or change my EEshades polarized lenses?

$40.00 (more, if you originally placed and want to replace or place a new custom ordered lense).

KinPro will add, change or replace your polarized lenses, 'tune up', clean, and repackage your EEshades. Shipping BOTH ways IS INCLUDED in this cost!



How do you create the unique designs found on EEshades?

Hydrographics, aka 'Water transferring' or 'camo dipping', is the unique process by which designs are applied to EEshades. Each frame is 'dipped' into a solution containing a unique design which is transferred to EEshades frames.


Are all EEshades with the same 'water transferred' frame design exactly alike?


Due to the process by which film designs are applied in the water transfer process, the positioning of each frame design will slightly differ. Not only will you be protected by the originality of the first and only ear shade sunglass when purchasing a water transfer frame design, you will also be sporting a non-duplicated frame design!


Are there more water transfer designs that can be applied to EEshades?

Yes! Keep an eye out as we periodically will be offering limited cutting edge designs.


Can I change, remove or take out my lenses on my hydrographic designed (water transferred designed) EEshades?


Due to the sharper edges of your EEshades sunglass lenses, by removing or attempting to change out lenses on your own, peeling, scratching or cutting of your water transfer design may occur.

Please refer to the order, purchase, change lense question within this FAQ page and proceed to contact KinPro who will professionally replace, change or fulfull a new lense order. If not and you attempt to do on your own, your warranty will be voided.

When dealing with the standard one color frames, you can remove and change your lenses as you desire on your own. Of course, and we prefer, you can always send back to KinPro and follow the order,purchase, replace lense process.


Will the hydrographics designed (water transfer designed) frames come off over time?

Although the application, adhesion and sealing process involved in water transferring is a tested process, it is similar to paint on cars and the unique water transferred frame design can scratch, crack and peel over time. Dropping you water transferred desined frames on hard surfaces, attempting to remove or change lenses on you own or bending and twisting your EEshades may cause these problems. All of these examples, that may cause scratching, peeling, flaking or cracking, are NOT covered under the EEshades limited manufacturers warranty.


KinPro Disclosure

EESHADES, Ear and Eye Shades, have not been studied in research. EESHADES may NOT prevent skin cancer or sun/UV damage to the ears or eyes. It is the effort by the creators of EESHADES to merely provide a unique product with enhanced coverage to the tops of the ears to help in the prevention of damage to the ears or eyes by UV rays with a single product.

In no way does KinPro, the creators of EESHADES, take responsibility for any sun/UV skin damage as a result of wearing EESHADES. EESHADES is NOT intended to take the place of any professional advice given for the protection of the skin as it relates to the ears or eyes.