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Our Passion

Don’t let harmful UV rays ruin your day in the sun!

What are we passion about? Quite simply, our passion is keeping you covered. Our innovative product protects not just the eyes, but also the top of the ears from the harmful effect of UV rays. Ears are one of the most exposed parts of the body to sun rays, yet they don’t always get the coverage necessary to protect from the sun.

Overexposure to the sun can ruin any fun outing. We all enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s playing, working or just enjoying time relaxing in the sun. Just do it responsibly. With EE Shades, we’ll make sure your favorite outdoor passion won’t put you at unnecessary risk.

Our Commitment

EEshades are partnered with two great companies that educate to the public about dangers of the sun and tanning beds.

The Melanoma Education Initiative - a NE Ohio company focused on providing education to the public about the dangers of melanoma.

Miles Against Melanoma NC (MAM NC), a non profit focused on providing the public with education regarding the extreme damaging effects of the sun and tanning devices.

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